Friday, June 15, 2018


Let’s go back to the first family and the original cycle of life.  God created Adam and Eve then placed them in the Garden to have fellowship with Him.  God sanctioned the family where a mother works with the father to nurture and grow a family to please and serve Him.

The circle takes a turn when Adam disobeyed God, eating the forbidden fruit.  Adam was formed by the hands of God and yet we see the flaw in his character.  As a result, the family of humanity is thrown into chaos from a father’s bad choice that led to spiritual death and separation from God.

Adam couldn’t blame his socioeconomic or environmental status.  He was sentenced to a life of hard labor and cursed not to receive a full yield from his labor.  He had to live with the cost of his choice and the woman that he blamed for his downfall.  Being unfaithful was not an option; there was no other woman, not even a mother on whose shoulders he could cry.  It doesn’t show where Adam complained.  He stayed and endured the situation of his own doing and watched the effect on his family. His first two sons were the first on record to be casualties of murder. 

A father is the foundation, strength, and final refuge for a family.  The original design of the father was to carry the weight of the family by protecting, setting goals, and direction.  The absence of a healthy relationship with a father can lead to insecure and often abused children; or they can become abusers.  The proper relationship with a father provides a reference point to judge the boundaries of love.  Children unprotected by the covering of a father, are vulnerable to predators, to anxious, withdrawn, and antisocial behaviors by not being affirmed by a father’s love and confidence. 

The fathers in the bible weren’t perfect; we can’t expect perfection from our fathers.  Fathers have a tough role in society today; the bad examples are always in the limelight and not enough is said about the good fathers. 

I am so grateful for the father God gave me and I miss him dearly since his passing in 2015.  Our relationship, both good and bad, are what make me the success I am today.  Once I began to go to church, God sent me back to repair the relationship with my father, so I could have the right relationship with him.

If we have a father who spent time with us, be honored.  If we have a father who did the best he could and didn’t leave, consider your life a rarity and be thankful.  If you have a father who prayed, took you to church, and lived right before you, consider yourself blessed.  If your mother had to be in the place of your father, consider yourself precious to God.   If you haven’t been the best father you could be, do better and be grateful God’s given you another day to try.   If you’re looking to fill that void, look no further. Your heavenly father has been trying to find you and is waiting with open arms. 

Let’s continue to celebrate the spirit of father’s day every day, and show daily gratitude to the many father figures in our lives; especially to the father who loves us the most, our heavenly father.  

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