Friday, December 2, 2016


I remember the times in first grade when my teacher would read us the stories and show the pictures on the page.  I would go home and line up my dolls and imitate my teacher’s actions.  I would turn the book from side to side so all could see and then turn the page.

Some stories had me so excited I couldn’t wait for her to turn the page.  She lingered for the others to capture the images in their minds so they too could enjoy the book and follow along.

One night I was reviewing the platform of issues that I’m facing and studied them in my mind’s eye, lingering on some, waiting for the solution to present itself and I heard in my ear the words, turn the page.  Just as in class after enough time had lapsed and we studied the page, my teacher turned the page.  I believe God was telling me to do the same with certain issues in my life; turn the page.

I was getting in a rut, not making progress with those matters and God wanted me to move on.  Have you ever pondered something in your mind over and over until thinking about it rendered you motionless?  Have you ever faced something that was unpleasant and you saw no resolution, not even knowing how you arrived on that page?

I’ve learned that God is so concerned about us that He monitors each detail in our lives. He lovingly moves us along our own destined path.  He knows the things that have impacted us and guides us through the ruts.  He doesn’t want us stuck in any one place, especially to wonder or to be in sorrow, because He knows what the ending of our story holds. 

Aren’t you glad we have a God like that?  Have you reached a point in life that God is telling you to turn the page?  Take it from me and don’t hesitate, turn the page.  Let the all wise and Almighty God that loves us handle the fragments of our lives and make us whole to move on enjoy all the things He has in store for us; turn the page.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


There is nothing like taking a big breath of fresh air.   For the past ten months, this has been difficult for me because of a sickness that overtook my lungs and into my bloodstream.  In the early stages, I had to wear a mask all day and everywhere I went.   

The doctors didn’t have any other antidotes or treatments.  We had to wait for my body to heal itself.  I refused to be defeated or give up without a fight.  I began to stock up my war arsenal with songs.
I diligently sought the Lord who fearfully and wonderfully made this body for answers.  I heard the instruction in my spirit to sing a love song to Him.  I searched in my mind which song carried the sentiment of my heart.

The lyrics to an adored song sung by Lamar Campbell and the Spirit of Praise came to mind titled, “More Than Anything.”   In the first attempt, I sang two words and had a coughing spell that lasted 6 minutes.   I sang each day as long as I could for 5 weeks.   I walked through my home, choking, tissue in hand, with my hands raised toward heaven. 

 In the 6th week, I was able to sing the entire song without interference.  It felt as if the Angels from heaven were surrounding me, clearing the way as I walked singing:  “I lift my hands in total adoration unto you.  You reign on the throne, for you are God and God alone.  Because of you my cloudy days are gone; I can sing to you this song.  I just want to say that I love you more than anything.  I love you Jesus, I worship and adore you”.  I felt a level of anointing that I hadn’t experienced in years. I had reached the throne of God.  My lungs were beginning to working at full capacity. 

 With God’s guidance I began to do research and formulate a plan of how He was going to heal my body.  I discovered the wonderful and powerful world of juicing.  I used juices to help clear the lungs and strengthen the immune system.
I searched the American Lung Foundation’s website for exercises for the lungs and discovered an article discussing the benefits of singing to heal lung disorders in an article in a U.K. medical journal.  

It’s nothing short of a miracle I didn’t die, have permanent lung damage, or a chronic disease.  My only saving grace then and now was God’s love for me.
But look at the wisdom of God, using something as simple as singing a song to help clear and strengthen my lung passageways.

The American Lung Association states that most people breathe 20,000 times per day, but the number of breaths taken daily varies depending on overall health and age.

It takes events like these to remind us that while we waste valuable time waiting on the “big” miracle to occur, there is a more significant miracle that happens each minute of the day; our ability to breathe properly.   

I think of the lyrics to another song in my arsenal, by Michael W. Smith, Breathe: “you are the air I breathe, your holy presence, living inside me…and I’m desperate for you”.   These lyrics reminded me that the spirit of the Almighty God lives inside of me and my very existence rests in Him.  Join me in taking a deep breath in and breathe out praise to God for being able to do it on our own.

Monday, September 5, 2016


 It’s been awhile since I last posted.  I wish it was because I’ve been on a tropical beach being fed virgin fruit drinks but in reality, I’ve been fighting for my life. 

As God would have it, during this critical health time, He’s been giving me more writing material than I could write down.  I’ve met some new friends, spent time with some dear friends, and made a few new enemies.  I’ve been up, and so down that I thought it was my end. 

I fought financial ruin and emotional breakdowns all with the hand of God on my shoulder to lead me on.  His voice in my ear gave comfort from the pit of death and despair.  His love for me became so apparent and endless that I’m embarrassed as my own shallow impression of it. 

Needless to say, I love Him five times as much as I did last year.  I never believed I could love him more.  My heart hurts when I hear his name and the tears roll when I hear Him call my name.
 I will share more of these experiences and I’m sure He wants with you as the months go by.

I’m reminded of the song Gene Autry sang in one of his famous westerns, back in the saddle again as I write this.  I’ve been off my mark lately but missed the daily routine like a cowboy misses the open range.  It’s good to be back and great to know that God has given me yet another opportunity to write of His glory through my life’s experiences and share them with you, since you are also so special to Him.

So tighten up the reigns of your mind, straighten your back, and put your feet tight in the stirrups of your heart and get ready to ride with me over the plains of my life with Jesus.  I hope you share in the life changing experiences that I’ve had.  I believe you will see God in a different light and your relationship and importance to Him.

Saturday, March 5, 2016


Now when I think about my life, I remember the hardships and the victories. The very mention of some, still fill my soul with dread. I’ve come to appreciate each of these places because I’ve gained wisdom otherwise unreachable without them.

Let me clarify this a bit, because you might be thinking about the places I’ve been like Spain, Jamaica, Cozumel, or the Netherlands and the things I’ve seen there. I’m not talking about t...he fine works of art of the great places in nature or the delicious cuisine I’ve tasted.

No, I’m referring to the places of loneliness, despair, heartbreak, and major illnesses that I’ve been in. I’ve been poor and without, I’ve had friends lie and walk out on me. I’ve had mother and father forsake me. I’ve seen those in the corporate and political arena take advantage of their positions. I’ve seen things stolen right before my eyes and I couldn’t stop it, trying not to offend God by resolving it my way. I’ve been in a courtroom with an angry Judge. I’ve had doctors who could do no more than keep the medications coming. I’ve seen the death angel come and go.

The places I’ve been and the things I’ve seen sent me running and clinging to God. Some places broke me financially and others broke my spirit. I’ve seen circumstances that took all my hope and strength away. But God would step in. 

With confidence, I can stand and say, He will never leave you or forsake you. He will fight our battles, all things work together for the good of them that love God (Romans 8:28). He’s more than the whole world against you and loves us with an unimaginable love.
Let’s not run from those places or things we see, but seek God, rest and trust in Him to direct our lives. These experiences make us the master yodas for this generation. Your experience may not be my experience but the God that brought us through is the same. He’s the great I AM who is all powerful, all knowing, and ever present.

I was young and now I’m old, but I’ve never seen the righteous forsaken nor their seed begging bread (Psalms 37:25). If you’re in one of those hard places, trust in the Lord with all you heart and wait on Him. Your wait won’t be useless but it brings your strength and help from God (Isaiah 40:31).
From the places I’ve been and the things I’ve seen, I’ve been privileged to see God’s love for me. I’ve learned so much about God and more importantly, I’ve learned so much about myself, from the places I’ve been and the things I’ve seen. 

What’s your story? Do you see God in the places He’s brought your through? Have you seen His hand deliver you? Tell someone and remind yourself that we serve a God that is able to carry us through.

Sunday, January 3, 2016


As I look back, I realize the weight of facing some of the worst hardships and life altering challenges during the past two years.  I survived emotionally numbing blows in recent years, and because of the holidays, only to relive some incidents afresh.  I lost loved ones and friends dear to my heart.  I saw the true colors of many, left abandoned and like my grandma use to say, up the creek without a paddle, on several occasions. 

It seemed that at every turn, another door was either closed in my face or at my back.  I felt boxed in and forced in a state of bondage.  There were times I called out asking God if He saw me.  I felt as if He was watching me suffer these things as He watched the guards beat Jesus beyond recognition.  I felt my old nature rise and a bit of old Chris resurfaced; the one that jumps into action to take care of Chris and handle people and situations.  I want to keep that old girl under control because she’s dangerous.  The last time I let her have free reign for just 1 hour, it took years and several attorneys to get things resolved.  The reborn Chris just kept saying be still, do nothing, God is not blind nor has He turned His back on you.  It’s God that has brought you to this place and time in life.  Wait on God, my spirit would say.

I started to imagine my situation.  My spirit was feeling as if I’m standing in a paneled room boxed in with no visible way of escape.  Each wall of this room is touching me on the front, the back, and the sides.   I wait with my hands folded behind my back.  I kept hearing a familiar clicking sound.  Familiar in that I know I’ve heard is somewhere before, long ago.  Then I remembered our old camper.  The cabinets and closets in it didn’t have handles and the surface look streamlined and you had to know where to press them to get them to open.  I had trouble with a few of them, just couldn’t seem to get the press right to make it open until several tries. 

Then I heard God say to press with my hands behind me, and a door opened.  I stepped back and God began to give me insight into why things happened this year.  No great mystery, it was His will and it was what was best for all involved.  He showed me how the past two years were a proving year for me.  He showed me how much He loved me and had invested in me.  It was a year during which I was being branded for His purpose for my life, to write of His glory, as John was banished to the Isle of Patmos to write the book of Revelations.    One mistake was to believe in the word of people and depend on them for help and not look to God first then He would send the help I needed.    

 I found myself back in that paneled room and I was instructed to press again on a place in front of me.  As I did, a door opened.  As I stepped out the way wasn’t clearly marked and a bit foggy and unstable in places.  God whispered, if I trust Him, He’ll lead me and show me the way.  To be successful, I’d have to get rid of the useless baggage from the past year that would hold me down or cause me to fall.

Beyond the love and investment God has placed in me, I take away from this image that even when people and situations seem to have us boxed in, all we have to do is look and wait on Jesus; then press, and He’ll open a way of escape.  If we trust Him, He will lead and guide us through our day to day life.  To be successful, I must press the door closed on the past and focus on today with Christ. 

For 2016 join with me in my resolve, like that of the Apostle Paul described in Philippians 3:1-15, to forget those things which are behind, and reaching for those things ahead, then press the mark, for the prize, which is the high calling of God, in Christ Jesus.  Let’s do a New Year Press.