Tuesday, June 24, 2014


I want to discuss something that I’ve had numerous encounters with that may help others.  This phenomenon is called the silent killer.  Many know this to be the term used when discussing high blood pressure issues.  It’s called that because you may feel just fine but with a twinge or a slight headache you could go into a coma never to awake.  I’ve learned that even though you feel fine and your pressure logs may show your blood pressure to be in the normal rage, you have to continue with the medication as prescribed indefinitely.

While reading up on this topic it came to me that we have another danger among us just as menacing, silence.  I’ve lived long enough to say that people will stand by silent and watch you make the biggest mistake in your life.  I have seen people keep secrets from people who could help alter the lives of others in the worst of circumstances.  This can be seen in the example of a crime being committed in a neighborhood when a crowd is gathered nearby: no one will stand up and break the silence to convict the perpetrators.   Worst yet, are those who keep the silence in family about generational curses, from diseases, mental illness, or abuse.

Countless times in my life, I’d be discussing the outcome of a situation with someone and they say, oh, I knew that, only to discover I was the only one who didn’t know.  They watched the person’s life fall apart without saying anything to anyone who could help.

Silence is one of the most effective traps used by enemy of our soul.    He gets pleasure when we watch someone destroying their lives through inappropriate behaviors and say nothing.  .  I wonder if we understand that, by the law of God and man, accessories to the crime deserving punishment.  As the blood of Able cried before God, so does the blood of those who are destroyed because of our silence.

 I understand too well, how the shame of being a victim can cause us to fall silent.  I want to let you know there is a victory and cleansing in speaking out.  Breaking the silence breaks the power of the situation over our lives, leads us in the direction to get help, and often helps others avoid the same pitfalls.  Bad things happen to good people.

It’s not wise to tell everyone everything that goes on in our lives, but when debilitating things happen, search out the right people to share it with. 

Not only should we be aware of what we do say but we should also be aware of the impact of what we don’t say.  Someone’s life, even our own, could weigh in the balance of our silence.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


As I age and face common health challenges, another set of scriptures are emerging as my point of reference.  When I was younger, the scriptures that talked of running races and working while it was day were my favorites.   In the 6th chapter of Ephesians we’re told to stand and put on the whole armor of God.  I envisioned myself as putting on supports covering those areas before I left the house and began my daily battle with the enemy. 

As I age, I now see the power of just being able to stand, therefore.  After an internet search, I learned approximately 300 muscles are engaged when we stand. 

In the past year, I’ve needed several braces or form of support to be able to stand without pain.  
I have a wonderful back brace that pulls together from four different directions give proper support.    

I also have weight bearing knee braces that cover 4 inches above and below the knees.  These are God sent devices.   When I use these, I can stand, walk, and move without having to stop every 2 minutes because of pain.  

Another key piece of my wardrobe is my shoes.  I found out the hard way, wearing the wrong pair can bring me down like a sack of potatoes.  The right pair of shoes helps support my back and knees, allowing me to stand for longer periods.  They may not be as pretty as the stilettos I once wore but pain has a way of sharpening your sense of reality and perspective.  When I wear all three devices, I am as straight as an arrow.  I perform specific exercises to help strengthen my weak areas. 

Just as I need these devices to operate in the natural realm, as a Christian, I can only operate in the spiritual realm successfully with the support of God.  I need to exercise my faith to grow stronger in my most vulnerable areas. 

In this uncertain time, how we cover ourselves spiritually carries over into our natural world, where many of our spiritual battles play out.  What’s important or shows victory after any battle is whose left standing.  

If you have areas of weakness that makes it difficult for you to stand, spiritually or naturally, get the support you need whether through a brace or the grace of God.  Let the scriptures show you how to get the proper support.  Make it your goal to be the last man or woman standing.

Monday, June 2, 2014


I go over the menu in my mind for our thanksgiving meal and begin to salivate. I think of the gravies, various poultry and pork dishes the great cooks in my family are going to prepare.  I think of the smells that will linger in my house of the dressing and sauces and quickly think of that old Campbell soup commercial that says uumm uumm good.   Then quickly I remember all the things in the past year that I had to be thankful for; the cancerous lumps that disappeared while the ultrasound was being performed were an encouragement for not only me but for the lab technicians that they were able to share with their friends who had lumps that the God who loves me loves them too!  My girlfriend and I prayed for her similar cancers and God moved on her behalf and they were moved.  I think uumm uumm good, God’s been good to me!

I remember the day after several weeks of stress sitting in my doctor’s office and asked for the nurse to take my blood pressure and it was 165/110 and climbing. My doctor rushed in, put me on a table with warm compresses on my back, turned out the light and walked out and said when he returned if it wasn’t down, he was calling the ambulance. I quickly replied, I walked in and I’m walking out, I trust God, just give me a minute to pray. When he came in a few minutes later it was 137/70 and holding.  I think of the friends some younger than I and some a little older who had strokes or brain tumors. I think, uumm uumm good, God’s been good to me.

I think of the phone calls I have received in the past year; there was one from my mother who had blacked out at home alone and a family friend had been led to call to say they were coming by and they were able to take her to the hospital.  She was just calling me to tell her where she was going.  You see, I nor my step dad, would not have made it in time.   My dad called me to say someone had slashed his car tire to divert attention while they broke into his home but they did not realize he was in the house.  He called to say he was ok as he was chasing them down the street; I called the police.  I think of the calls I didn’t get this year for family members that did not die.  I think on these things, uumm uumm good, God’s been good to me.

I think on the courts, judges and legal matters I’ve encountered this past year and how each time God was with me performing what the attorney could not accomplish, uumm uumm good. I remember the covenants that God has made and kept down through the years, especially the one regarding transportation for me and my family.  One day while sitting on my deck I was thinking through the options for a current situation involving a loved one.  I heard that still small voice tell me that because of that covenant, I would not need to prepare for a funeral for that loved one. Uumm uumm good, God’s been good to me.

I don’t always immediately go to the positive when faced with life’s situations but when I don’t my mind becomes the witness of the things that God has done for me; story after story replies in my mind when my soul repeats the verdict as a jury foreman would read in a courtroom, God has been good!

So join me this Thanksgiving season to say from the bottom of my heart, thank you Lord for being uumm uumm good. As the Word says in Psalms 34:8, Oh taste and see that the Lord is Good! Blessed is the man that trust in Him!