Thursday, February 6, 2014


Today’s news is filled with incidents where individuals are committing horrendous acts against one another and themselves.  Often the plea to the court is by reason of insanity.  They often say that they heard voices or lost their mind.

I too have been at the breaking point thinking I would lose my mind.  There are situations where I tried to figure out a solution to my huge problems, again thinking I’d lose my mind when nothing would come.  On many occasions when I would actually come up with a strategy that I thought would work, the bottom fell out and the problem became worse.  Before I knew Christ and this happened, I’d lose my temper and control of myself then the situation.  That way of life got expensive and resolved nothing.

After I became a Christian, I discovered what keeps me on this side of normal is Christ.  My love for Him constrains me.  His power keeps me.  By learning of Him and understanding His mind, I’ve actually lost my own mind to give over the how He thinks.

 I took on the mind of Christ through transformation.  It’s a learning process for sure, because His ways of resolving things are like the scripture says as different from how I’d handle things as the heavens is from the earth.  By losing my mind to Christ, I’ve gained a mental peace I’ve never experienced.  When I listen, He gives me directions.  When I obey His instructions, my problems are few and those that arise I can be confident He’ll make a way.  If I find myself at the edge, I remember He said He’d keep me in perfect peace if I keep my mind stayed on Him.

So if you find yourself on the edge of losing your mind more often than you like, take my advice, try Christ.  He’s better than Dr. Phil and cheaper than the going cost of psychotherapy.  There are no 12 steps in His program, there’s just one.  Take a step toward Him and He’ll make two towards you.  If you lose your mind, make the choice to lose it to Christ.