Friday, March 15, 2013


I remember several months ago I had a medical emergency for my dog and had to take him to his vet hospital some 40 miles one way at midnight. I have night blindness and the way is primarily dark along winding roads with no streetlights in an upscale neighborhood crossing the path of 9 lakes. Needless to say I was terrified to have to make that journey with a yelping dog in the back seat.

I began to pray before pulling out of the driveway and I think I was trying to convince myself more than talk to God. I began to say how I believed He could give us travel mercy and to take us safe and sound to and from the hospital. I began to talk about specific curves that I knew would be dangerous asking God to guide my hands when the pavement and the glare from the moon lit lake meshed into one surface.

Then I remembered hearing my husband pray for us in the past as we would begin the same trip. He in confidence would cite previous trips where God had delivered us from flat tires and the icy surfaces as our vehicle began to spin out of control. He would begin to praise God for being merciful towards us and loving us. I gained courage from those old prayers, remembering all of the many perils God had delivered me from and that He loved me as well. In the darkest areas, another car was in front of me that shined their bright lights to lead us through. I began to remember the others that I had watched face difficult times, armed only with their faith in God, go on to a victorious end.

In the Old Testament before men knew who God was, He was always identified by those who previously had experiences with Him. He was often referred to as the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The faith of these great men not only blessed them and their defendants but also the believers today. Their great faith led many to believe that if God would bless and keep a promise to them that He would do the same for us, if we have like faith.

I ask myself, will others find God by seeing the faith I exhibit in my life? Am I leading others in the path of strength and courage only gained from believing that God will deliver me? When times get hard people turn to many solutions. I want to show them by my faith and experiences that my God, the same God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob will see us through. The three Hebrew boys told the King, that even if He doesn’t, He’s able. Where does your faith lead those who are watching? Will it lead them to Christ?

Monday, March 4, 2013


It seems like all through life I’ve been searching for something.  When I was young I was searching for freedom.  When I was a young adult I was searching for myself and true happiness.  As an adult I was searching for my soul mate.    Now, all I want is peace with me and peace with God.  We all are searching for something.   

 I remember very clearly when I was 24 years old, thinking how significant it was to be almost a quarter of a century old.   I remember thinking there had to be more to life than what I had experienced as of yet.  I was unsure where to go to find what I was looking for.   I began doing more with my daughter, traveling, thinking I’d find a fuller life there.  I would hang out with my friends, probably paying the rent on a few discos thinking I’d find happiness in the music and the dance. I was happy with my life, even though I had experienced some rough times.  I just remember deep in my soul that I was still searching, I was incomplete.
One day by chance, I decided to visit a friend’s church.  When I left, my life was forever changed.  I felt complete.  I had found God.  While I was at church, I felt His presence.  The preached Word taught me more of the God I’d found and what He expected of me.  The hymns that we sang recharged my spiritual being.  Church seemed to be the place, through my worship and praise, that I showed God my gratitude and appreciation.   The place that I really found Him again, heard His voice, and saw Him in action was when I was away from church or alone in despair.  I found Him on my job when times were rough.  I found him in my weakest times and my darkest hours.  He was there, not judging, just loving me, and showing me a better way.  The place I found Him most powerful was in my pain and suffering.
A natural human reaction is to think that during good times the true nature and strength of a person or thing are revealed.  Many engineers will testify that it is during the hard times or stress you really see the strength and constitution of certain elements.  Have you found God yet?  Have you looked in the right places?  Start your search in you hard times and when your heart is aching.  He is that glimmer of light in the darkest tunnel.  I guarantee you’ll find Him, listen closely.  Don’t give up the search, He’s waiting for you.