Monday, July 1, 2013


I am in awe and feel inadequate when I encounter someone who has impaired vision impaired.  I begin to think of the things that I take for granted.  I think how they maneuver and function normally in a sight driven world.  They’ve overcome an obstacle that would probably stop me in my tracks.  I recently read there was a blind young woman who won the title Master Chef on a well known cooking show.

As I watched my own dog lose most of his sight, I think how brave and strong he is.  He still bumps into things, but his other senses have developed to where he can run and play in his own yard and chase the rabbits and the birds from the yard.  The other animals seem to know and treat him kind and with respect.
He bumps into things after coming in from the sun and the shadows blur his limited vision, but he backs up and he looks as if he’s making a mental note to remember the spot for future reference.  There are times when I can tell he’s unsure of the room and he will lower and turn his head to listen carefully and walk very slow until he reaches his destination. 
It’s his determination to make it and the countless of others who have sight challenges and conquered the unthinkable that caused me to see the parallel to the Christian walk.   The scripture in 2 Corinthians 5:7 says we walk by faith and not by sight.  I’ve learned in the natural that sight is just one of 5 senses man was given to navigate through life.  There are times when all five senses must be in operation to function or come to the truth of a matter.
Like my pup, we may bump around in life until our spiritual senses heighten and we learn.  When dealing with spiritual matters, my sight alone may be deceiving and there can be important issues hidden beneath the surface.  
We can increase our faith by learning, listening and trusting God more in our life’s experiences.  He will patient lead us and prove Himself as we build our relationship with Him.  Once we learn to operate in the faith realm, we can accomplish things we never thought possible.   Join me and take one step at a time, a step of faith, trusting God, not depending upon our natural sight.