Friday, December 2, 2016


I remember the times in first grade when my teacher would read us the stories and show the pictures on the page.  I would go home and line up my dolls and imitate my teacher’s actions.  I would turn the book from side to side so all could see and then turn the page.

Some stories had me so excited I couldn’t wait for her to turn the page.  She lingered for the others to capture the images in their minds so they too could enjoy the book and follow along.

One night I was reviewing the platform of issues that I’m facing and studied them in my mind’s eye, lingering on some, waiting for the solution to present itself and I heard in my ear the words, turn the page.  Just as in class after enough time had lapsed and we studied the page, my teacher turned the page.  I believe God was telling me to do the same with certain issues in my life; turn the page.

I was getting in a rut, not making progress with those matters and God wanted me to move on.  Have you ever pondered something in your mind over and over until thinking about it rendered you motionless?  Have you ever faced something that was unpleasant and you saw no resolution, not even knowing how you arrived on that page?

I’ve learned that God is so concerned about us that He monitors each detail in our lives. He lovingly moves us along our own destined path.  He knows the things that have impacted us and guides us through the ruts.  He doesn’t want us stuck in any one place, especially to wonder or to be in sorrow, because He knows what the ending of our story holds. 

Aren’t you glad we have a God like that?  Have you reached a point in life that God is telling you to turn the page?  Take it from me and don’t hesitate, turn the page.  Let the all wise and Almighty God that loves us handle the fragments of our lives and make us whole to move on enjoy all the things He has in store for us; turn the page.