Tuesday, September 20, 2016


There is nothing like taking a big breath of fresh air.   For the past ten months, this has been difficult for me because of a sickness that overtook my lungs and into my bloodstream.  In the early stages, I had to wear a mask all day and everywhere I went.   

The doctors didn’t have any other antidotes or treatments.  We had to wait for my body to heal itself.  I refused to be defeated or give up without a fight.  I began to stock up my war arsenal with songs.
I diligently sought the Lord who fearfully and wonderfully made this body for answers.  I heard the instruction in my spirit to sing a love song to Him.  I searched in my mind which song carried the sentiment of my heart.

The lyrics to an adored song sung by Lamar Campbell and the Spirit of Praise came to mind titled, “More Than Anything.”   In the first attempt, I sang two words and had a coughing spell that lasted 6 minutes.   I sang each day as long as I could for 5 weeks.   I walked through my home, choking, tissue in hand, with my hands raised toward heaven. 

 In the 6th week, I was able to sing the entire song without interference.  It felt as if the Angels from heaven were surrounding me, clearing the way as I walked singing:  “I lift my hands in total adoration unto you.  You reign on the throne, for you are God and God alone.  Because of you my cloudy days are gone; I can sing to you this song.  I just want to say that I love you more than anything.  I love you Jesus, I worship and adore you”.  I felt a level of anointing that I hadn’t experienced in years. I had reached the throne of God.  My lungs were beginning to working at full capacity. 

 With God’s guidance I began to do research and formulate a plan of how He was going to heal my body.  I discovered the wonderful and powerful world of juicing.  I used juices to help clear the lungs and strengthen the immune system.
I searched the American Lung Foundation’s website for exercises for the lungs and discovered an article discussing the benefits of singing to heal lung disorders in an article in a U.K. medical journal.  

It’s nothing short of a miracle I didn’t die, have permanent lung damage, or a chronic disease.  My only saving grace then and now was God’s love for me.
But look at the wisdom of God, using something as simple as singing a song to help clear and strengthen my lung passageways.

The American Lung Association states that most people breathe 20,000 times per day, but the number of breaths taken daily varies depending on overall health and age.

It takes events like these to remind us that while we waste valuable time waiting on the “big” miracle to occur, there is a more significant miracle that happens each minute of the day; our ability to breathe properly.   

I think of the lyrics to another song in my arsenal, by Michael W. Smith, Breathe: “you are the air I breathe, your holy presence, living inside me…and I’m desperate for you”.   These lyrics reminded me that the spirit of the Almighty God lives inside of me and my very existence rests in Him.  Join me in taking a deep breath in and breathe out praise to God for being able to do it on our own.