Monday, June 2, 2014


I go over the menu in my mind for our thanksgiving meal and begin to salivate. I think of the gravies, various poultry and pork dishes the great cooks in my family are going to prepare.  I think of the smells that will linger in my house of the dressing and sauces and quickly think of that old Campbell soup commercial that says uumm uumm good.   Then quickly I remember all the things in the past year that I had to be thankful for; the cancerous lumps that disappeared while the ultrasound was being performed were an encouragement for not only me but for the lab technicians that they were able to share with their friends who had lumps that the God who loves me loves them too!  My girlfriend and I prayed for her similar cancers and God moved on her behalf and they were moved.  I think uumm uumm good, God’s been good to me!

I remember the day after several weeks of stress sitting in my doctor’s office and asked for the nurse to take my blood pressure and it was 165/110 and climbing. My doctor rushed in, put me on a table with warm compresses on my back, turned out the light and walked out and said when he returned if it wasn’t down, he was calling the ambulance. I quickly replied, I walked in and I’m walking out, I trust God, just give me a minute to pray. When he came in a few minutes later it was 137/70 and holding.  I think of the friends some younger than I and some a little older who had strokes or brain tumors. I think, uumm uumm good, God’s been good to me.

I think of the phone calls I have received in the past year; there was one from my mother who had blacked out at home alone and a family friend had been led to call to say they were coming by and they were able to take her to the hospital.  She was just calling me to tell her where she was going.  You see, I nor my step dad, would not have made it in time.   My dad called me to say someone had slashed his car tire to divert attention while they broke into his home but they did not realize he was in the house.  He called to say he was ok as he was chasing them down the street; I called the police.  I think of the calls I didn’t get this year for family members that did not die.  I think on these things, uumm uumm good, God’s been good to me.

I think on the courts, judges and legal matters I’ve encountered this past year and how each time God was with me performing what the attorney could not accomplish, uumm uumm good. I remember the covenants that God has made and kept down through the years, especially the one regarding transportation for me and my family.  One day while sitting on my deck I was thinking through the options for a current situation involving a loved one.  I heard that still small voice tell me that because of that covenant, I would not need to prepare for a funeral for that loved one. Uumm uumm good, God’s been good to me.

I don’t always immediately go to the positive when faced with life’s situations but when I don’t my mind becomes the witness of the things that God has done for me; story after story replies in my mind when my soul repeats the verdict as a jury foreman would read in a courtroom, God has been good!

So join me this Thanksgiving season to say from the bottom of my heart, thank you Lord for being uumm uumm good. As the Word says in Psalms 34:8, Oh taste and see that the Lord is Good! Blessed is the man that trust in Him!