Saturday, December 14, 2013


A friend and I had been trying to find time to get together for several years.  When she called me one day recently to ask to meet, I was having such a challenging week.  I decided it was more important to rearrange my entire day’s appointments.  I will be eternally grateful that I did, and here’s why.  We caught up on the happenings in our lives and laughed while we ate with such gusto, the waitress came to our table several times to check on us. 

My friend gave an account of how her morning began that warmed my soul.  She shared that she too, had a busy day lined up.  In the middle of preparing to go out to her various appointments, God spoke to her and said to contact “Chris” and arrange to meet today.  She went down the list of things she had to do in her mind, but, being obedient, she sent me the text around 6:30am. I’m glad she was obedient and that I changed my day, to hear those words.

That may not mean much to you, but when I put it into perspective, it means the world to me.
It excites me that God would specifically speak my name to someone and for them to do a kind act towards me.  God knew the challenges I was having and that encounter of laughter and kindness, with a true friend, made a great difference in the rest of my life.  During trying times, you must be very careful who you surround yourself with.   I’m glad to have such a friend in my life, one who recognizes and obeys the voice of God.

You see, I’ve been far from perfect and made my share of mistakes.  Life’s obstacles and hardships, in unfamiliar territory, can make even the strongest stumble sometimes. If anyone should have been angry and not speak my name after giving me chance after chance, it’s God.  

Are you facing hard times, an unclear way, or have you made a few mistakes?  Then join the human race and repent and seek God’s face.  He promises to forgive and to restore us and stand by us forever.  Has God placed someone on your heart and you’ve put off contacting them?  This is your chance to call them and let them know that you and God are thinking of them.  It could make a world of difference in their life.  There are times in life when we all need encouragement and know that God still cares and remember our names.