Friday, November 22, 2013


There was a time when you only saw the homeless or those living on the streets sifting through the trash.  There is a trend now where others are going through searching for valuables or bottles to turn them in for cash.

I’ve looked through the trash many times when I’ve thrown something away.  I remember how I hated to wipe off the nasty particles from the item while enduring the overwhelming smell, especially during the hot summer months.   Once or twice, after reviewing the item, it was so damaged and tainted; I couldn’t salvage or use it.

I found myself doing this recently, emotionally.  I was sifting through emotions and relationships that I had moved away from, some unbeneficial.  I was trying to regain some connection or comfort.  What came to my mind was that if they didn’t work then, they won’t work now. Some things we can’t salvage or piece together. 

How many times I’ve tried to make things fit that I had already discarded from my life until I could do better.  Months later, I look back over the situation that I’ve created and ask myself, what were you thinking?  When I calmed myself, I’d hear the Lord say, be still and trust Him.  I remember how Jesus told us not to cast our pearls before swine. Then goes on to tell us that if we ask, we will receive and if we knock on the door, it shall be opened (Matthew 7:6-8). 

His children do not have to settle or mix and match things in our lives. We are precious in God’s sight.   If there is a need in your life, I can say with confidence, He will provide it.  If you’re looking for something, ask Him, He will open the opportunity.  He understands our feelings.  Don’t rely on yourself,  as I have done so many times in the past to make things work in your life, rely on God.  Don’t sift through the trash or those things you’ve discarded from your life.  He is our Father, waiting to supply our needs.  He has an invested interest in our success and happiness.