Friday, October 16, 2015


As a native Michigander, I have learned to embrace the four seasons.  Each of them brings a certain attitude and set of survival skills.  In the summer, you must have sun screen and an air conditioner.  In the winter, you must have boots and a shovel.  In the spring, you must carry outfits for all four seasons, since the weather could go through each season within an eight hour period. 

 I love the special characteristics that go with the fall season.  Fall is the only season I know that has two titles; it is also known as Autumn.  I wonder if they began to call it Fall because the temperatures begin to fall during this time of year.  The daylight falls shorter than the previous seasons.  To accommodate for this, the time falls back for daylight savings efforts.  I seem to fall into a nesting state and become like the bears preparing for hibernation.  The leaves begin the fall from the trees after they give us a beautiful array of colors to decorate our landscape. 

In the Fall, we prepare for family gatherings to give thanks for this year’s blessings.  Wouldn’t it be great to fall back into some of our better spiritual habits?  Let’s fall in love with the Word of God again.  If you’re looking to nestle up to a good book, I have a suggestion, a long time best seller; the Bible.  It’s filled with stories of murder, illicit affairs and scandal, mystery and suspense.  Let’s fall back on our knees in prayer and seek the help of God in these trying and troubling times.   Let’s reconnect and fall in love with God all over again.

Join with me in making this the best Fall season every by reflecting on the love of God and how it’s impacted our lives.  The temperature may fall and the leaves may fall from the tress, but let’s not let our service, worship, and praise fall short for our God who deserves our best.