Tuesday, November 18, 2014


I remember going through life so unprepared at times and how that taught me the value of being prepared and being positioned correctly.  If I was in a position during a situation where I was standing and should have been kneeling, I remember being knocked to my knees.  If I was kneeling and should have been standing for better balance in the matter, I’d waver uncontrollably, coming close to the ground before being able to regain my stance.    A key part of success for my life has been my ability to assess a situation and determine the best position for that situation, then to assume that position. 

We are familiar with this terminology in many areas of life today.   We hear of police needing to search an individual.  There is a position that makes it easier for the search to occur. If the individual being searched tries to resist the search or moves, they become off balance and the officer can quickly restrain the individual. 

In the corporate world there is a position to assume for success.  It’s a position of knowing when it’s time to be conservative and when it’s time to be aggressive.  It’s having all the key components available at a moment’s notice to move on a capital or investment opportunity.

The same is true in the kingdom of God among His people.  To prosper in God is to obtain all the blessings and prosperity available, you must assume the correct position.   To obtain help from God, assume the position of prayer.  To receive more blessing than you can receive, assume the position of praise.  To receive the continued favor, assume the position of obedience.  To receive God’s unchanging love, assume the position and open your arms and heart to let Him in.

Have you noticed that you’ve been off balance and simple things overwhelm you? From my personal experience, it could be that you need to assume the right position and watch God bless you.