Monday, September 23, 2013


Since the 80’s I started the practice of stepping back for the month of August from most of my obligations.  I take time to reflect, redirect, and refresh myself naturally and spiritually while celebrating myself, my birthday is in August.

You might think this a vain exercise until you hear my reasoning.  Many years ago I discovered that I was caught in a rut.  I kept going but discovered that I was going in the wrong direction after it was too late to change the end result.  I learned that stepping back and taking a fresh look at situations and reconnecting with God, keeps me on point and is a better use of my resources and time.  I don’t wait on others to celebrate me.  I don’t look to others for validation.  This practice has kept my heartaches and disappointments in my fellow man to a minimum.

This is no exercise for the weak.  I take a look at my past year’s activities and outcomes and evaluate if I responded correctly and if I could have done better.  I look at my weaknesses and shortcomings and search for ways to strengthen them.  I examine the distractions that came to throw me off course and how I handled them.   I evaluate my resource pool and try to gather more.  I seek God’s input on my life and get direction for the next year.

It has been my experience that when I lay my prior year’s activities before the Lord, He always gives feedback.  There have been many times that I’ve asked for forgiveness or a do-over after learning His perspective on things I’d done.  One great thing about getting God’s input in my life’s matters is He never makes fun of my ignorance.  The second great thing about getting Him involved is that His presence insures my success.  I still make mistakes and must constantly keep my emotions in check.  But the month always ends with encouragement and grace from God that enables me to run with gladness into my next year.  I gain more self esteem and confidence in me that equip me for whatever challenges and decisions I may face in the upcoming year.

Take time to nurture and cultivate the greatest asset you’ll ever have, yourself.  Celebrate yourself and know that God is there willing to help you in spite of your weaknesses and faults.  He paid a great price for your success.  Take the time to know yourself and know your God and learn to trust them both.  Invest in yourself.   Do things to enhance you or that you love to do.  Love yourself and the God who loved you the best.  Find your place in God. Start your own tradition, celebrate your life.